Fish will have to find new habitats or perish if global warming is left unchecked

Gaby Puig:

Experts have found that if temperatures continue to rise because of climate change, fish will begin to migrate from their habitats 65 percent faster. This will bring a huge issue in regards to biodiversity and ecosystem functions such as the food chain.

Scientists who have studied this are saying that something urgently needs to be done in order to stop the acidifying of the oceans.

Not only will the fish be affected, but the humans who consume fish will too. Fortunately, there is still time and opportunities to reduce these detrimental effects. However, if effort is not put forth soon, these opportunities will no longer be available.

Global temperature hike already halfway to ‘two degree warming’ limit

Chad Serrate:

Data released yesterday shows that Earth is halfway to the ‘two degree warming’ limit or limit of controllable change.

Superlatives for the month of October include-

–the warmest October ever observed (in 136 years of NOAA records)

— the warmest month ever compared to average (out of 1,630 months)

— the sixth consecutive month breaking a global temperature record

— seven of the 10 warmest months have occurred in 2015

To summarize, 2015 will be the warmest year on record beating out last year… As El Nino has helped significantly, the trend still continues to become warmer and warmer.

If we go over this set limit, impacts include size increase of US wildfires, drop in freshwater, more intense hurricanes, increase risk in species extinction and more Arctic ice melting.


Free Willy Remix (feat. Tilikum)

Tiago Rachelson:

Munchkin Inc., a baby product company, has made some bold (but great) moves this this week. The CEO of the company Steven Dunn, has pledged to give $1 million to kick-start a campaign for an orca sanctuary. He also wants Sea World to give up Tilikum, the star whale infamously known for killing three humans documented in Blackfish.

“Munchkin will be kick-starting the building of an ocean sanctuary with $1 million regardless if SeaWorld releases Tilikum and would welcome the release of any captive whale from any marine amusement park,” Dunn said in an email. “Munchkin will work closely with the top orca marine biologists and conservation groups to ensure the coastal sanctuary can also serve as a rescue sanctuary for beached or hurt whales with the hope of returning them to the ocean.”

For the last week, they’ve collected x certain amount of money raised online when people by their products. All of x will go to the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Munchkin says this because a bathtub just isn’t big enough for a whale, referencing how small the tanks are at Sea World.

Hats off to you, Mr. Dunn.

2 Countries Reveal How Divided the World Is on Climate Change.

Victoria Valdes

Costa Rica’s largest source of electricity, which relies almost entirely on hydropower, can go months without burning any fossil fuels. However, because the country is so small it isn’t making as big of an impact as it wants to the global warming situation. It is among a few countries around the world trying to make some sort of impact to eliminate the production of greenhouse gases.

On the other side of the globe, Australia is a different story. They are a country rich in coal which is one of the reasons they produce a lot of carbon dioxide which puts them almost at the same level as the United States. Australia does not have as much ambition as Costa Rica or the United States to eliminate their production of greenhouse gases.

More countries need to follow Costa Rica’s example in cutting down on their greenhouse gas uses. Even though Costa Rica is trying, every country needs to eliminate their use of these harmful gases because our environment is taking a great hit and is effecting the globe’s life expectancy.


Picture of Costa Rica

UFO Clouds over Cape Town, South Africa

Nico Balarezo:

The legislative capital of South Africa had a huge surprise on Nov, 10, 2015. Huge clouds that looked identical to UFOs appeared unexpectedly. Luckily, or from what we know, these are not UFOs. These clouds are called lenticuar clouds. These clouds usually form around high altitudes, this is why they formed in Cape Town’s Table Mountain. According to ScienceAlert, these clouds are formed when:

“Once stable moist air passes over a mountain or mountain range, large-scale standing waves sometimes take shape on the downwind side. From the crest of these waves, lenticular clouds may form, with moisture condensing in the shape of these distinctive circular plumes.” (Peter Dockrill, ScienceAlert).

But, these clouds don’t always look like UFOs, which is why their appearance is very rare. The clouds can also be “wide and flat” or “stout and condensed”. Many scientists have explained that due to the shape of these clouds, most UFO sightings have been due to these clouds. A man also said they look like “tornadoes in pause mode”.

Time lapse of the formation of a lenticular cloud:

Link to Article:

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STONEHENGE begins to reveals hidden secrets

Andrea Gonzalez:

Stonehenge is located in Amesbury, England(Southern England). Last month in the archeologists most recent excavation just a mile away from Stonehenge, in a site called Black Mead. Some major discoveries were made. The excavation was 23 feet wide and 40 feet long and it could be imagined as a trench. The archeologists discovered a hearth(fire place floor)with pieces of heat cracked flint(a hard gray rock), specs of bone, pieces of flint that were used for arrowheads, remains of several cutting tools, ocher pods(which may have been used as a pigment). The ocher pods were most likely used in clay because it produces a pigment of different colors from yellow to red. The different things found are estimated to date back to 4300BC. The archeologist in charge, Mr.Jacques strongly believes the discovery is linked to the story of Stonehenge. Mr.Jacques stated “This is the first unknown chapter of Stonehenge.”
Ever since I had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge and I heard some of the theories about the stones I became very interested. I believe the discovery will end some theories such as the alien theory and it will also open new possibilities.

Changes in public transportation are said to be implemented to make Mexico City more sustainable

With the new investment to modernize and expand Metrobús, Mexico City is making high quality sustainable mobility a reality for its residents. Photo by Taís Policanti/EMBARQ Mexico.

photo by: Tais Policanti/EMBARQ Mexico.

Patricio Salvidea:

Mexico City has faced drastic problems due to over population in the recent years. Challenges include: transport congestion and mobility through public transportation. Currently, Mexico City has done a lot to improve these difficulties in public transportation. Since 2005 a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) known as Metrobuses has been put into effect and accounts for more than 57% of public transportation. This has helped with congestion and has made public transportation more efficient.

The Metrobus though effective faces some drawbacks that need much needed improvement. These Metrobuses are unregulated, inefficient, and a major source of pollution. As a result, the City has partnered with a private corporation known as EMBARQ Mexico. They have agreed to begin a sustainability project estimated at $150 million pesos to improve the quality and reduce the emission effects of the Metrobuses. The new and improved sustainable buses will reduce the air population and rid of the 122,000 carbon dioxide emissions. This will be beneficial for public transportation and for the public health of the City. Thanks to this project we will have a healthier Mexico.